How to request a ride

When the time comes to request a 1bena ride, follow these steps:

  • Open the 1Bena app and click schedule a ride on the bottom right of the app. 
  • Fill out the pickup and drop-off locations. Then enter your first name, last name and phone number
  • Click ride detailsto move on to the next step of the request
  • Click request ride.
  • Select the ride mode you’d like to request: Bena-Comfort, Bena-SUV or Bena-Basic.
  • All drivers that are nearby will pop up on your screen
  • Select a driver 
  •  The driver will approve your request and confirm it
  • Then the bidding process begins
  • When you and the driver have agreed on the price, the driver will locate your destination and you’re ready to go.
  • Enjoy your ride with your 1bena-driver!


  • How do I pay?

You pay cash directly to your driver.

  • Can I use the 1bena App without a smart phone?

Absolutely no.

  • I’m a single female passenger, how safe are your drivers?

When you travel with us, you’ll travel with approved drivers only. These are the driver who has gone through a strict vetting process. All drivers have a minimum of 2 years’ experience. All journeys are logged, the details of the journey are comprehensive, and they include driver’s details, pick up and drop off details, plus the journey is tracked via GPS

  • Can I order my shopping through 1bena and have it delivered?

Yes absolutely! We have begun cooperating with many supermarkets. Please have look through our listings on the App.

  • Can I choose the type of vehicle that will come and collect me?

Yes! We offer a large selection of vehicles from basic to a/c comfort.

  • Can I rent a vehicle from you?

Yes, on our website we have wide selection of vehicles.

  • How do I rate my driver?

After you arrive at your destination a box appears on your screen with 5 stars. Press the amount of stars you think the driver deserve. There is    also a box for comments.

  • How long will the driver wait for me?

Your ride includes a 5 minute waiting time, after that charges will be made.

  • How much waiting time do I get with additional pickup and drop offs?

Each via allows five minutes of waiting time per pick up, the driver may charge extra if this is exceeded. Costs are at the discretion of drivers. If you require additional waiting time, this should be agreed with the transport company before the booking takes place.

  • How can I tip my driver?

Whilst on your way you can select the option on the App to tip your driver.

  • Do you operate a fixed price policy?

No, we operate a bidding system.

  • I live far away, would 1bena be good for me?

1bena would be perfect for you. The driver will come right to your front door to pick you up.

  • Are your drivers licensed?

Yes, it is required by Gambian law that all taxi drivers are licensed by the Public Carriage Office or Transport for the Gambia.

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