Revolutionizing the Online and ecommerce Industry we take extreme pride when we say that we are Gambia’s first online transport service. This is a brainchild of our honorable and visionary company owner Mr. Sulayman Njie. This idea came into existence in April 2021. Since then we have made up a lot of development and we strive to do even more.

Our purpose is clear: we want to update the services of the eCommerce market of The Gambia and we certainly have the leader, team and expertise for that. Mr Sulayman Njie is a born leader who has always wanted to do better for the Gambia. Now he is out on the field himself and leading 1bena as a family.

His personal quote states “I want to bring development to the Gambia and give back to my people what I have learned in Europe over the years”. This quote shows the fire in his belly to succeed, for The Gambia and its people.

The journey has just begun and there are plenty of milestones to come but the start has been so promising.

As a first step we started out as an online cab booking service. We thought that there was a need for a service for the masses in transport services, which can utilize benefits of modern mobile applications. On our app for Android and iPhone, you can book a cab for yourself anytime.

Later we wanted to put focus to service all the Gambians. We want to build a marketplace that is not limited only to cabs but is a general platform where people buy and sell things as well. We want people to use our platform to do their online business and let the buyers to get everything they need from a needle to a car through us.

Everything from the comfort of their home.

This will help the economy as sellers can use our platform to sell their products and promote their business. 1bena will help both buyers and the sellers.

We also plan on getting into the food delivery industry. We see this sector as one with huge potential, having a lot of opportunities which we want to explore further.

There is no hesitation. We want slowly but steadily to make 1bena a huge and arguably one of the biggest names in the Gambian economy, providing employment and opportunities. We believe in the potential of the Gambia in the terms of economy.

The development of the Gambia has started and we want to be on the leading front. Our other aspiration is to put the Gambia on the international map. This will be a huge step for 1bena as well as for the Gambia. We will definitely achieve that.

Our bigger goals might take time, and we are aware of that, but our motivation and determination to succeed are paramount.

Today’s market is volatile. With the introduction of our eCommerce platform, we want 1bena and Gambia to move ahead in the direction of success. We have been successful so far and hope to do even better.

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