The last decade has witnessed some of the most revolutionary startups of the century. From Uber, Airbnb to Facebook, Slack to SpaceX, Amazon, our behaviour has changed drastically. We cannot go back to the days where we used to think twice before sending a text message or to book a cab.

With the advancement in the internet, every single thing around has been affected. Some people also call this change the Uber revolution, due to which many business ideas have come into existence.

If we talk about the ride services, people have started booking rides online from the comfort of their homes. Now an app allows people to book a ride with just a click of a button.

Where more and more people are using online cab booking services. Let us have a look at the reasons why booking a cab online is actually a better idea:

  1. Comfort

Online ride booking services are meant to offer a feeling of comfort and convenience to the passenger. The users can easily use an iPhone or an Android App for car booking from the comfort of their homes whilst taking all the Covid measures.

Furthermore, with online ride apps, passengers are free from parking hassles and the fact that rides are made available at timings throughout the day adds to their charm.

  1. Saving money

People can save money when they travel with a cab booked through an online app.  Online cab services offer a certain percentage of discounts all the time. Also, a lot of discounts and special offers are made available to the users, especially if the user accesses the system using an iPhone or an Android app for the first time.

  1. Saving time

Another important aspect why people should use online cab services is the amount of time that a person saves when they book a cab online. You don’t have to stand and wait to get a cab. Instead, you can use navigation services through an iPhone or an Android app to connect to the drivers.

  1. Track Live Location

The online services ensure that the passengers and drivers know where they are heading to.

To improve the level of safety and security of the people using online rides, the company uses all the security measures in the app that people can use during an emergency. But the same cannot be done while offline mode.

The app also updates the location of the ride and can keep a check on the live location. These factors ensure safety as well as security for the driver as well as for the passengers.


The advancement in tech and internet has led to a boost in the ride services available to the customers and has helped to make journeys more convenient and stress free for the users as well as for cab drivers.

1bena is Gambia’s 1st online ride service, offering a unique, personal and first-class service with a strong commitment to helping reduce the stress of your travel arrangements. At 1bena, we pride ourselves on delivering extensive transport services to fulfill all of your needs with first-rate customer care.

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